Although not, the brand new correspondence anywhere between condition and you can relationship condition was extreme (F(dos, 312) = cuatro

Members Design: An invite to participate a survey comparing matchmaking profiles are reported by the around three Dutch relationship websites, proving the research is done-by brand new College or university of Groningen. You to webpages reported the web link to the paid survey in their bi-weekly email address newsletter provided for users, others a couple published the advertisement on the site otherwise web site.

The online questionnaire come that have advising participants towards voluntary and you can anonymous profile from the studies accomplished by brand new University from Groningen. They were questioned to suggest their concur by ticking a package and will then proceed to the new survey (maybe not ticking the box manage let them get off brand new survey). Participants was basically next at random assigned to this new fresh vignettes. The brand new relationships reputation is produced because the following the: “Most people regarding the Netherlands are interested in coming to the connection with other men and women through relationships websites. Exactly how anybody present themselves within character can have a massive influence on what number of solutions they score. Second, we’re going to make suggestions an effective transcript of a visibility text message, instead of an image (because of privacy explanations). Anyone regarding character is chosen from the desktop: both of you live-in the same part and they are on the exact same many years class.” A sex natural circumstance are written the same as users showed to your relationship websites. The new dysfunction entailed functions (teacher), hobbies (football and hill biking), and you will character services (public, spontaneous, energetic, funny and often stubborn). So it malfunction are a similar to your a few criteria. In the exact middle of the fresh reputation, the fresh new manipulation is actually demonstrated. From the disease profile, it actually was mentioned “Since i have completed solution to malignant tumors 2 years ago, I am thankful if you are real time and i also benefit from the simple things in life even more: such as venturing out for lunch, chuckling with her, consuming one glass of wine, but In addition enjoy going on a vacation or short journey”. On match reputation, it part was “Since i have nearly forgotten my best friend in a car freeze two years before, … millionairematch discount code [the same text message]”. The newest Moral Committee of one’s psychology institution of one’s School out-of Groningen, holland, recognized this research (ppo-015-082).

Overall, 424 professionals took part, but 41 (10%) was omitted because of technology problems and 59 (15%) were omitted because they have been within the a committed relationship. So it triggered a final decide to try regarding 324 respondents, from which 186 (44%) was indeed randomized so you can price a healthy profile and you will 238 (56%) ranked a cancer tumors character (discover Desk 1, line experiment step 1). Zero category variations in decades (F(step 1, 303) = 0.nine, p = .340), sex (? 2 (1) = 0.39, p = .533) otherwise relationships history (? dos (2) = 0.24, p = .887) was discovered anywhere between respondents in the match vs. the fresh cancer tumors symptom in try out step 1. Of one’s overall sample, 92% had experience in cancers within their family relations (i.age., a daddy (30%), grandparent (30%), sis (11%), aunt/ buddy (37%)), a pal (49%), and/otherwise an enchanting spouse (ten.5%); remember that participants you’ll mean several classes if the applicable.

Earliest group questions relating to intercourse, knowledge top, marital status (solitary, separated, widowed, into the a love), intimate orientation, and you may geographic region was questioned

Details measures: Just after reading the new vignette, respondents shown on the a visual analog scale off 0–10 (i.age. no-yes) if they carry out date this person (i.age. matchmaking attention). Next, it shown with the an enthusiastic eleven-section Likert-variety of scale (0 = definitely not, ten = greatly) how they rated brand new fictive people on getting sympathetic, interesting, athletic, attractive, match, amicable, and comedy. We declaration results for every ones properties separately.


Hypothesis 1 2: less interest in cancer survivors, especially for women and Hypothesis 3: less interest among divorced and widowed respondents: A univariate general linear model with interest in a date as dependent variable and condition (healthy vs. cancer), gender, and relationship status (divorced, never married, widowed) and the interaction terms as fixed factors (F(11, 312) = 3.2, p < .001, ? 2 = .102) showed a main effect for condition (F(1, 312) = 4.6; p = .033, ? 2 = .014, d = 0.11) and gender (F(1, 312) = 5.9, p = .015, ? 2 = .019, d = 0.44), but no main effect for relationship status (F(2, 312) = 0.5, p = .585, ? 2 = .003). Men and participants in the healthy condition were more interested in a date, yet the interaction between condition and gender was not significant (F(1,312) = 0.4, p = .515, ? 2 = .001). 1, p = .017, ? 2 = .026). Simple effects analysis showed that only widowed respondents had significantly lower interest in dating a cancer survivor than divorced singles (mean difference = 1.87, SE = 7.9, p = .024; d = 0.82), and never married singles (mean difference = 1.49, SE = 7.7, p = .054; d = 0.67). In the healthy condition, interest did not differ by relationship status (S1 Fig and Table 2).

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