Following, the two don’t argue once more, even in the event Zoey very first disapproved from Lola’s connection with Vince Blake

Zoey Brooks (Close friend)

Lola came across Zoey whenever she unearthed that she are the girl the fresh new roomie, she at first pretended to get other and you may finished up terrifying Zoey and whenever she told her regarding her acting, Zoey and Lola’s next roomie Nicole Bristow, made a decision to pretend to possess a combat to prove so you can Lola that they you will work as well. Lola and you may Zoey got you to disagreement regarding the series, that was on Year step three episode Miss PCA if a few decrease out over successful a pageant. They became close friends and offered each other about show, and have been typically with her. Lola offered Zoey when Chase is actually accused out of cheat facing Zoey about motion picture, Springtime Break-Up and Lola made an effort to assist Zoey when she found out their boyfriend, who is new dean’s boy, rigged a great raffle thus Zoey you will definitely win, even though she failed to trust their and you may went but soon realized the way it is and you can left him and made with Lola. They certainly were best friends during Seasons 4 and you may scarcely contended.

Dustin Brooks (Friend)

Instance Zoey, Lola is seen showing concern having Dustin. However, instead of Zoey, she also seems to let you know particular violence into the your regarding date so you’re able to date, particularly when you look at the Like Strings, when Zoey shared with her she need the girl to get Dustin’s ability let you know secretary, Lola said she did not want to, and additional «Eww.» However, Lola and Dustin get along okay that have him (with the rest out-of his degrees) viewing their since the prettiest woman in school.

Pursue Matthews (Buddy)

Chase try a mutual friend from Lola courtesy Zoey. On occurrence Lola Wants Chase, Lola became a good crush towards the him, and had you to definitely date, but felt like these were best off once the family. Lola is actually delighted abreast of learning Chase got returned from London inside the Chasing Zoey, and you may went as far as hugging him. Like Michael, he matters as one of Lola’s top child household members.

Quinn Pensky (Best friend)

Lola and you can Quinn don’t very spend time until after Nicole remaining PCA and you may Quinn became Zoey and you will Lola’s roommate. It in the near future became best friends and therefore are typically viewed together. They are doing possess its disagreements including within the Anger Management where Quinn let Lola eat a whole bowl of walnuts, while they ended up being in her lips. Plus, into the Hands on a Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn’s sweetheart, Draw Del Figgalo, to snap their regarding their chuckling fit, resulting Quinn dealing with Lola. They are always truth be told there each most other plus the help of its improving characters it manage to become Zoey’s nearest confidants. Even if Quinn try super sciency, it however build prime loved ones.

Nicole Bristow (Close friend)

Nicole was the next person Lola satisfied on PCA along with her 2nd roommate. Lola and you will Nicole more often than not had with each other and not fell out. Lola helped Nicole overcome the woman fixation from males and you can really works on her school work even more by hypnotizing this lady. Nicole and you can Lola turned friends and you can served each other through the Season 2. Whenever Nicole kept, she never ever had experience of Lola if you’re She was at Malibu Females School.

Michael Barret (Buddy)

Michael is actually certainly one of Lola’s close friends throughout the their go out at the PCA. They became good friends and you can supported one another all through 12 months 2, Seasons 3 and you can Year cuatro. They never ever debated and you may got with each other day long. On the seasons dos event, Lola Likes Pursue, Michael said she try hot and you will smokin’. Along with, inside the Bad Woman, Michael thought Lola appreciated your and you may hoped to 1 go out go out the woman. As it would appear, Lola is closer having Michael and you will Chase than just this woman is with Dustin and you will Logan.

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