LimeFx forex broker
LimeFx forex broker

They have been very professional and respectful. Very helpful customer service. For over a year of trading with them, they always satisfy me every time I call. Trusted trading brokers. They are very honest and transparent to me in all transactions.

Services are very reliable. Trading instructions are also clear. I am fully satisfied with this broker’s services. Signals are always profitable, and services are always good. Good trading experience.

I’ve been patiently taught all there is to know about the platform. I am getting decent profit so far. Client education is a very important part of a trader’s journey and LimeFx takes that seriously. LimeFx has relatively high trading fees overall.

While useful, a line chart is generally used as a starting point for further trading analysis. Day trades are short-term trades in which positions are held and liquidated on the same day. The duration of a day trade can be hours or minutes. A scalp trade consists of cumulative positions held for seconds or minutes at most, and the profit amounts are restricted in terms of the number of pips.

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Great overall trading experience. I have gained huge profit. They are very responsible for doing market research and coming up with profitable signals. Earlier in our LimeFx broker review, we praised the broker’s website, emphasizing its clarity.

LimeFx forex broker

I never write reviews but they deserve to. I was looking for an additional source of income when they were introduced to me. I can say that earning opportunities here are great, I even quit my full-time job cause I really earn well. I was surprised my withdrawal came in earlier than expected. Thumbs up for this broker company.

LimeFx’ account setup allows the broker to tend to users that prefer different LimeFx levels. There are options both for lower and higher spenders, following a tiered, LimeFx-based system. As such, the broker takes some weight off of choosing your account, as you can always opt to upgrade. Also, the cumulative deposit structure allows for users to improve their account over time by funding their trading. In the last part of our LimeFx review, we praised the company’s tech solutions, and analysis is a part of that.

We’ll show you exactly how LimeFx fares in this respect so you can decide if it is the right place for you to create an account. Additional fees often lime fx go hand-in-hand with online trading partners. Our FXRevenues review found similar results and it’s something worth considering before signing up.

They do not take advantage of their traders but instead are very dedicated to helping traders like me succeed. Always available to assist me. I am pleased with all of their services.

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That’s in large part due to the fair pricing structure, which minimizes costs users need to pay. The broker follows up their lack of fees with tight spreads, making it so the costs are minuscule even there. Customer service at LimeFx is provided on a 24/5 basis, and this is in addition to the personal account manager that every client has access to.

LimeFx forex broker

I always get a desirable trading result. They always go beyond what is expected. Fast and easy to withdraw money. They respond quickly, too. I love the services, they’re truly great and amazing. Very good in what they do.

I get the tools and services that I need. The opportunities are really perfect for someone who wish to have a source of income. I am a full-time mom but that does not limit me from making money. Because here, I can earn without leaving home.

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Good broker overall. Services are reliable and it is profitable trading with. So far, they’ve been a good trading partner to me.

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Fast withdrawal and good customer service. I would highly recommend this broker to those who would like to earn extra from online trading. This has been very good in guiding towards winning trades.

Thanks to this broker, they’ve been excellent trading partner to me. Excellent trading signals. They always come up with accurate market forecast that serves as trading guide. Withdrawal of profit is simple and fast also.

The customer support team at LimeFx follows the usual broker structure, with a 24/5 work time. The representatives are quite capable and courteous, allowing for quick and efficient issue resolution. You can reach the representatives via phone, email, or live chat. As for outside protections, there’s the fund segregation that we mentioned earlier in our review. Additionally, the broker employs encryption and user verification, allowing customers to control their personal and financial data.

The information and news provided on are solely for reference purposes only. The completeness, and timeliness of the articles posted here may vary and are not necessarily accurate at all times. The reader is solely responsible for his/her use of such information and trading news and the appropriateness of the same to him/her. This is my favorite broker.

As with all tradable assets you will find at LimeFx, fees will depend on the trades you make. Making a deposit is exceptionally straightforward. Simply head to the deposit section of your account, choose your preferred method, input relevant details, and submit. It is worth noting that the base currency used is USD and withdrawals must be made using the same method chosen for your deposit. At the time of conducting our latest research into LimeFx, we noted that five accounts were currently available for traders to choose between.

They’ve got really skilled brokers. Always come up with sound trading advice. I followed all their trading advice and I began to see progress on my trades.

The security is airtight, while the support and secure funding support it, patching up any potential holes. The trading itself is also excellent, with great conditions no matter where you look and how you trade. LimeFx’ pricing puts it above most competitors, making it easier for its customers to achieve and maintain profits. Reliable order execution, very fast. Quick and easy withdrawals and good customer service, too. Definitely recommended.

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