Online Health and safety

With the developing use of technology and digital media, there are plenty of potential dangers to be aware of. These range from the noticeable to the understated, and can include bullying, grooming and device addiction.

Teenagers need to build the skills and knowledge needs to recognise and manage online safety risks independent of each other. They can also become role models for peers.

Discussing with children about upsetting articles, privacy adjustments and their personal behaviour is the foremost way to help them develop the required skills. This could also be the best opportunity to establish a family media plan so that everyone understands what is and isn’t ALL RIGHT onscreen.

Help remind your child that people they satisfy online aren’t always so, who they say they are, and they should do not agree to satisfy someone without first conversing with an adult. That they Full Report should be told to report anything they may feel safe about or see that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Don’t available email parts from unknown people, or download software coming from someone an individual know. They are often afflicted with infections.

Make sure your little one’s computer has got the latest computer virus protection installed and modified. This will prevent them by being contaminated by dodgy links and malware-laced advertising that can hijack their pc.

Beware of dodgy social media profiles, which are a popular way for hackers to target unwary Web users and steal their money.

In an years when technology is more significant than ever, it has the imperative that we all take the time to educate our children about online protection. By employing a few simple, nonetheless effective guidelines, we can all come together to make the internet a safer place.

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