Therefore, during repairs, both the application and the device with all its contents are taken seriously. Like any other extension, the .ipa gives the iOS device the ability to download and install the application, plus it also enables it to function accurately. In fact, without the .ipa extension, the application cannot be downloaded into the device, nor can it be allowed into the iOS app store. Various applications behave differently over multiple networks.

mobile developer interview questions

It also includes additional resources such as APIs, databases, and event source mappings. Kinesis Data Streams is used to collect and store large volumes of data in real-time. Data producers send data records to a Kinesis stream, which then stores and manages the data across multiple distributed shards. Each shard can handle up to 1MB/second data write and 2MB/second data read capacity. Data consumers can then read data from the stream and process it in real-time. At Axiata Digital Labs we share the knowledge and skills we apply to the innovative solution our clients sue.

when is it time for a career change?

You can use IAM policies to define the permissions that are granted to users, groups, or roles, and to enforce security policies. As you enter the world of technology it is crucial to be tested to learn what it’s like to work #atthelab. The assignments and problems you solve in a tech interview help our interviewers evaluate your skills as if you were working with us. If you are required to do a digital interview, questions are likely to focus on your motivation for applying to Accenture, what you know about the company and specific programme, and some competency-based questions. Throughout the application process, Accenture will be looking for candidates who understand its core values and have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet them.

mobile developer interview questions

So, if all candidates at the assessment centre are judged to match those criteria, they will all be made an offer. Likewise, if no candidates are deemed to meet the criteria, then no offers will be made. The new assessment centre process is designed to evaluate candidates on their natural talent, ability and potential – rather than favouring those who are able to give a carefully polished performance. In each one, candidates will be judged on their skills and strengths in interpreting data, solving problems, resilience and working agile. Prior to attending the assessment centre, you will be invited to join an online Q&A session with an Accenture recruiter, who will answer any questions you may have.


Your answer to this question quickly helps them determine the accuracy of that impression. It also gives them an opportunity to observe your levels of confidence and composure, through your voice and body language. Second, come up with your own answers to these common questions. You’ll meet two mobile engineers, and at least one of them will have the same iOS or Android specialisation as you. This is a one hour video call with the help of a virtual whiteboard. One of your interviewers will do the drawing, allowing you to focus on your thought process.

You should be clear about what you hope to achieve and could ask the interviewers if your objectives are a possibility with their company. Say that your career progression to date has been quite good (give examples of how you think you have been successful). This is designed to see how well you will fit with the present  team.

Application Form

This question is designed to test your familiarity with imaging software. Describe image testing and the attributes of particular software to show your familiarity with imaging. You will need to have familiarised yourself with the system used by the organisation you are hoping to join.

Here you need to acknowledge that sometimes work and life can be stressful. You need to show what techniques you use to reduce and control stress – careful time management, exercise, time out, setting priorities are all methods you could discuss. You hope to work long term with the company and hope that good work performance will open up new opportunities within it. You can mention that strong companies always need well-qualified staff and that with your qualifications the employer will see a good and rapid return on his investment. This question is intended to test your knowledge of the industry. You might look at topics like technological developments, economic challenges and changes in the market.

Tips for a successful face-to-face interview

But to test the impact of a mobile application on the CPU of a device, simulation has to occur. This is when a software mimicking the mobile application is directly induced on the device while the CPU is being closely monitored to ascertain the simulation’s effects. Therefore, you may not gain much from scouting Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, Indeed, and the likes for Flutter developers who know Dart.

What to expect in an Android developer interview?

As an Android developer, you can anticipate the bulk of the interview to be technical and operational questions which test your knowledge, experience, and qualifications. Technical questions are best responded to briefly and directly. Example: “ANR within the Android universe stands for application not responding.

Most of these shortcomings are because mobile applications are not adequately tested before being launched to the public. Flutter is known to heavily rely on widgets (like how React uses components). Every widget is used to execute a build() function and these units of composition make up the entire UI. Therefore, any set of Flutter technical interview questions that does not include widget-related inquiry is most probably not enough. Don’t describe the job you’re applying for, because it’ll sound like you lack drive. The same applies to your current job, as apart from sounding weird, it’ll give the impression that you won’t settle in the role you’re applying for.

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